About Me

About Me

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough" - Mae West

Fluffy Candy UK Beauty Blogger

We're all here for a short time and in my mind this means you might as well do it properly!

On Fluffy Candy will find reviews, how-to tutorials and more on everything from the polish on my nails to the cities I visit. 

We all have our experiences and we learn from the world around us and I hope that my thoughts, hopes and fears will be able to shine a little extra light on yours.

Fluffy Candy came about from a username I started back when I was 14 and single. 
I'm 28 and married now and for many people their first username is a term of embarrassment and a throw back to a time when they didn't know much. 

I look at it differently, I've grown and developed over the years in my tastes, my fashion, the beauty products I use, the places I go and Fluffy Candy is as much a part of my life now as it was then.

Blogging and writing is my passion as you will see from my first post Setting A Goal and Sticking To It! but in my normal life I work in marketing and sales. I used to work at a number of newspapers and magazines and always felt like I was too busy selling success than making it myself.

So, hop on and enjoy the ride. Feel free to get in contact either by email FluffyCandyUK@Gmail.comTwitter or follow me on BlogLovin

Till next time,