Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Lust List - September 2013

Happy Sunday everybody! Hope everybody has had a great weekend so far.

So today I'm putting together a "Lust List". This is a list of five things I really, really want to buy but haven't been able to justify to myself and my credit card.

The one thing that drives me nuts the older I get is that you always end up having more money, none of which you can spend.

Mr Candy and I bought a house two years ago and, whilst being very fortunate to have been able to do this in our 20s there is always SOMETHING needing doing. In fact Mr Candy has just spent the last 5 months doing out our bathroom by hand. It's now lovely but no fancy dinners, no new make-up, no new shoes or anything for a while.

Is there anything you really want to get but haven't been able to justify it? Leave me a comment below and I'll see if I convince you to take the plunge!

Cute To The Core - Clutch in Black Leopard Print - £55

I LOVE these hi-tops. They are just so cute and look so comfy all at once. I'm usually a Converse girl when it comes to trainers but I just really like this brand. They only launched their website in the UK on Friday and I love all of it already. But, I can't justify another pair of trainers so quickly after buying so many clothes recently!

Illamasqua - Hydra Veil - £27
I've not actually ever bought anything from Illamasqua but its a brand I've wanted to try for ages. I've heard amazing things about their Hydra Veil which is part primer, part moisturiser, part amazing. The cost isn't too bad but for a brand I've never tried its a big plunge for me. 

Tatty Devine Head In The Clouds Collar Necklace - £150

I love Tatty Devine jewellery but this is one of the most ME things that I have ever seen on their site. However at an eye watering £150 got Perspex jewellery unless it majority comes down in price I cannot justify it :(

Wild fox - First Date Jumper - £99

I've always admired Wildfox stuff and its extremely wearable for compared to other similar brands of its price. However the cost isn't the issue this time but the size. I'm not a small girl and although Wildfox do do stuff in my size it sells out super quick. The only size left on of this jumper is xs and s. boo!

YSL - Poupre Intouchables -£24

The packaging is solo pretty and the colour and the formula I've heard raved about but every time I try and purchase something holds me back. Maybe if I could buy ALL the colours I'd do it but I'm always scared that one of the other colours would suit me better. Might pick some up in Paris perhaps?

Till Next Time,