Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday Favourites

It's FRIDAY! Thank goodness. Just another four hours till I am free and the weekend is all mine! I've been thinking over the last couple of days about blog posts and then, whilst rooting around in my bag, I'm always carrying something that could be of interest.
So plucked from the depths of my (very messy) Superdry bag are two items I've been carrying about for a while.
The first item I've been looking at is the Body Shop's Hemp Lip Conditioner. Their hemp range whilst amuses the teenager "That has a big weed leaf on it" side of me is actually designed for those with really dry skin.

Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioner - £4
Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioner - £4
Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioner - £4
Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioner - £4 - In its full glory!

This came as part of a set with one of their body butters (very moisturising but stinks), a massive tube of hand cream (I've barely made a dent into into entire 10 months I have owned it) and also a foot cream (which is actually very good, albeit in a teeny weeny pot that barely would cover my feet!).

First impressions are that it looks like any other lip balm; it's brown, green and grey and could easily be any number of lip balms. It also has a hemp leaf on it which makes me look slightly suspicious when bringing it out in public.

Scent wise, there is a vague smell there. Although I'm not keen on the scent on any of these products they do smell more like rope than anything illegal which is a bonus! Application is pretty standard and goes on well but, as it's for VERY dry skin I find it really greasy.

I've always struggled wearing lip balms. Like lip-gloss I feel like they just "sit" on my lips and don't do anything. This one is no different. I feel like I have rubbed olive oil or butter into my lips. They may be hydrated but I feel like I could fry an egg on them!

As this was part of a set I probably wouldn't have picked this up myself. I do suffer a bit with dry, flaky lips but I don't think my skin is anywhere dry enough for this to be functional. My two favourite lip balms at present are Carmex (Menthol or Cherry - £2.69 from Boots) and Soap & Glory’s Smooch Operator (Coconut and Mint! - £5 from Boots)

The cost of the set was £22 at the time and looking at the site now a similar set is available for £16 but without this lip balm... in fact I don't even think they sell it now. This probably makes this entire piece redundant but I'm sure that it's still sold somewhere in the world and in the stores :) The lip balm itself was £4.

The second item I’ve been dragging around with myself for a long time is Avon Cosmetics Far Away Bella. I’ve got this in a big bottle (still wrapped actually!), this travel size and also a body cream (again, unopened).

The other items haven’t been opened, not because I don’t like it, but actually because this travel size is lasting SO long. I use it almost every day as my “work” perfume and find that a couple of squirts throughout the day will suffice.

Avon's Far Away Bella - Eau Du Parfum - Travel Size - 100ml £13
Avon's Far Away Bella - Eau Du Parfum - Travel Size - 100ml £13

Avon describes it on their website as “A free-spirited adventure awaits, with juicy Clementine from Italy and blooming magnolia flower from China, finished with intriguing Tonka bean from Brazil.”

Now, I don’t know much about perfume, but I know what I like. I love that it’s really floral and fruity without being to mature for me. The cost of it wasn't very expensive, just £8 for all three items but considering this I have been really impressed. In fact it’s only £6.50 now which makes it even better!

It’s a very summery scent so I’m not sure how well it will transition with me into the autumn season but in terms of being handy it’s great. I always get complimented on it and I love the ease of the size of the bottle. Even if I haven’t got as big a bag with me I can slot it into my sunglasses case and be on my way.

Downsides? I guess as a cheaper perfume the scent doesn’t last as long as something more high-end. I am a massive perfume fiend and have so many bottles on the go all at once however I like to keep some (Dior Addict and Miss Dior are my two favourites) for special occasions. However with the £8 price tag in mind and the fact when I order anything I’m helping a local self employed person always leaves me feeling happy!

Till Next Time,