Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Liebster Award

Liesbster Award

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award!!! How exciting. Big thanks to Mary over at Strike A Pose for the nomination! 

The Liebster Award is a way to give new bloggers with less than 200 followers to gain more recognition, help their blogs grow and let their readers know more about them.  The Liebster Award is a really great way of sharing and discovering new blogs and bloggers.

There are 11 questions and then you give 11 facts about yourself. Then you set 11 questions for those you nominate!

Here are the questions I was given!

  • If you were stuck on a desert island what three things would you take with you?
My D&G sunglasses (for the sun of course!), my iPad (fully charged of course) and lip balm

  • What one item could you just not live without?
Black kohl eyeliner. I feel naked without it

  • What is your favourite day of the year?
My birthday (28th August) because it's in the summer, it's my birthday and it's around the Bank Holiday so all my friends are about!

  • Which fashion icon inspires your style the most?
As mentioned in a previous post is has to be to Gwen Stefani. She embodies everything that I love!

  • If you had to, which TV show would you go on?
Catchphrase (if it's still about!) I always thought it was SO easy when I was at home and I could win money.

  • What’s your most embarrassing moment?
When I was 12 I went on the French exchange and got my eyelid stuck in a zipper. Yeah... that was fun.

  • What inspired your blog and the name you chose for your blog?
Fluffy Candy UK was my email address and username when I was a teenager. As I mention in my about me page, rather than being embarrassed of it I'm embracing it as a big part of who I am and how I came to be on the Internet.

Which 3 people would you invite to a dinner party?
Russel Brand and Stephen Fry for intelligent conversation and amusement and probably Kate Adie the war reporter, I bet she has some stories to tell!
  • Whats your favourite song to dance to in front of people?
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart. One of the most beautiful songs ever written and good times with my best friend dancing about in dingy clubs to it. 

  • Whats your favourite song to dance to when no ones watching!?
The Cure - Pictures of You. It's a proper swishy swooshy song and has a lot of meaning for me so I tend to get a bit emotional when it comes on too. 

  • If you could only shop in one clothes shop for the rest of your life, where would it be?
Easy River Island. Everything in there just fits so well!

11Facts About me!

1. I have a French Bulldog called Boris
2. I have been married for 10 months
3. I am half French Canadian
4. I speak fluent French... when I'm drunk
5. I've been learning to drive for nearly 5 years
6. I'm allergic to apples
7. I once interviewed Example in a little cafe in London before he was famous
8. I prefer Pizza Express to Nandos
9. I don't understand eyebrow pencil but use it all the time
10. Some of my front teeth are fake (different post, a different time!)
11. There is a 17 year age gap between my brother and sister with me. 

Now for My Questions to you!

  1. 1. North or South? 
  2. 2. What would you wish for if given three wishes?
  3. 3. What is your party trick?
  4. 4. Coca Cola or Pepsi?
  5. 5. Favourite colour?
  6. 6. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  7. 7. Beach or forest?
  8. 8. Most expensive piece of clothing you own?
  9. 9. Red lips, pink lips, nude lips or other lips?
  10. 10. Which beauty blogger/ YouTube Vlogger do you really admire?
  11. 11.Worst beauty purchase ever?

    I tag the following ( I couldn't find 11!)