Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Weirdest Candles I've Ever Seen

It's a bit hectic here tonight and short of not posting I thought I'd share with you quite possibly the strangest thing I have ever seen.

I love candles. Yankee candles, Party Lite, and any number is smells. My personal preference is spicy candles and sweet candles. In particular I love anything vanilla-y. 

So Mr Candy and I were in Newcastle/Gateshead and going around the Metro Centre. There's so many fantastic shops and loads of candle places too. 

One shop we went into sold watches and when we were in here I spotted a HUGE display and had to go look. 

There were the usual floral, beachy and even Christmas ones then I found the MAN section. 

And these are what I found

Man Town! It stunk like cheap cologne and eww. If this is your kind of thing you can pick it up here. Yankee Candle Man Town - £18.25

It was next to "2x4" which smelt like erm, wood. 

Yankee Candle 2x4 - £14.95

There were some less innocuous ones but this was the, terrible smelling, clincher which has made me question candles ever since. 

Yeah I'm just going to leave this one here... however if you're interested in purchasing it Yankee Candle Schnitzel with Noodles Limited Edition Large Jar - £19.25

Till Next Time