Sunday, 1 September 2013

I ❤.....

I LOVE lipstick (or even ❤ it!) My favourite brand of lipstick has got to be MAC, purely for the sheer volume and range they have. Other brands I have in my collection are Benefit, Rimmel, Barry M and a couple of chemist brands, but if I had a birthday then MAC would be the one I’d ask for. 

So, whittling it down to just one shade was tricky. A few years ago I was OBSESSED with MAC’s signature Russian Red a bright, blue based red with a shiny sheen. I wore it every opportunity I got. 

Nowadays I love my pinks and my corals, though the red does get pulled out on the odd occasion!

What I did to come my decision is delve into my handbag to see what was in there that I used the most…. the result was…


MAC – Vegas Volt – Amplified finish

I ❤ this lipstick so much. It’s bright and cheery but totally works on a day time look. A lot of the Amplified lipsticks that I own (Girl About Town and Impassioned) are beautiful but only work at night. 

I wear this when I’m at work (and I don’t wear a lot of make up at work) but still wear it out and about on the town. It’s a beautiful pinky coral colour and stays on for hours. This can even be further extended by one of my products that I couldn’t live without. Lipcote.

I ❤ Vegas Volt

The formulation is creamy and thick, the colour payoff is bright and immense. It’ll take a very impressive colour and/or formula to knock this off the top spot.

What are your favourite lipstick colours? 

Till next time,